This page will help you get started with Integrations.

By installing our Stripe app, you will get access to the following key features:

  1. Transaction Matching - alerts from Mastercard & VISA will be matched to your Stripe transactions.
  2. Billing Descriptor Override - for large merchants where transaction amount, date, and last 4 digits are insufficient to match transactions, you can set up several billing descriptors from within Chargeblast that will override the billing descriptors set in your Stripe account.
  3. EFW Rules - for merchants needing additional coverage selling low ASP products, set up custom low early fraud warning rules to auto-refund specific transactions.


Your Ethoca alerts will not be auto-refunded

Our Stripe app will not auto-refund your transactions. Our matching algorithm is currently undergoing extensive testing before our auto-refund feature will go live. It will be configurable and opt-in.

Connecting your Stripe account

The first step is to go to the integrations page within your Chargeblast dashboard and connect your Stripe account.

Once connected, your data will begin syncing to our servers. You will receive an email when the data sync has been completed. Our estimated time for data syncs are 1 hour per every 100K charges per month.

Transaction matching

Within your alerts tab, you will now be able to see the corresponding transaction within Stripe. You will still have to refund it.

Billing Descriptor Override

In order to match transactions on card carriers that mask the last 4 digits, for example Apple Pay, we need to rely on other data such as the billing descriptor. This is only useful for merchants typically processing 30k+ transactions per month, where last 4 digits, amount, date, card brand and issuing bank is not sufficient.

You can set descriptors within the Chargeblast settings menu here. This will randomly allocate a descriptor to each of your transactions.

For guidelines on how to determine a good billing descriptor, please consult Stripe's docs here.

Early Fraud Warning auto-refunds

Stripe issues early fraud warnings (EFWs) whenever a customer reports their card as lost or stolen. Our Stripe integration allows you to set custom logic to refund certain transactions. We do not recommend refunding EFWs for transactions >$30 since EFWs only have a ~70% probability of becoming a dispute. For more info on what an EFW is, check out Stripe's docs here.

For merchants not set up with our custom Amex/Discover integration (contact support for details), Amex/Discover rules are also recommended.

As a reminder, there are no costs for these alerts

As a reminder, there is no cost for EFW alerts